FAWSsit Portable Showering

The FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Shower stalls are manufactured by Care Giver Support Products, for use by individuals with disabilities who find that traditional bathing facilities are difficult or impossible to use, and who may not be able to do re-modeling of the bathroom to allow for full accessibility.

Additional FAWSsit models are designed for emergency services or HazMat. All FAWSsit models are completely wheelchair accessible and portable, requiring NO tools or modifications to a site for use.

The FAWSsit portable showers are complete shower facilities. They can be set up anywhere there is access to warm water. Oftentimes, the kitchen is the preferred room to use as there is usually more room to move around the shower than there is in a bathroom. A bedroom or a laundry room, or any room that is within about 10 12 feet of a sink can also work.

Pricing and purchasing information is available, simply give us a call. We can ship or deliver right to your door.