Accessibility Training



Training Programs

Is a joint partnership including several organizations and individuals from within the disabled communities. Our development is supported by both private and public non-profit sectors, while promoting barrier free living as an accepted universal standard for all.

Our goal is to provide recognized barrier free certification programs. This will enable individuals responsible for accommodating accessibility in residential/commercial environments to meet or exceed government standards. This would apply to building new barrier free environments and to retrofit existing inaccessible buildings to help ensure everyone live independently.  Moreover, ReliAble Living®  proactively promote accessibility and share knowledge to enhance existing barrier free standards.  This is an essential component to accommodate the rapidly growing aging population.


Our Vision:

To inspire both public and private building sectors with the knowledge and tools needed to ensure barrier free ubiquitous environments so that all people could have total access to all spaces.

Our Mission

ReliAble Living’s mission is to educate and provide practical learning experiences for building and trade professionals to be certified experts in creating residential and commercial barrier free spaces.  This would apply to building new environments and retrofitting older buildings and homes to enable everyone who wants to live, work and play without barriers.