Vertical Platform Lifts

ReliAble Living® is an authorized dealer for the complete line up of Serenity Home Care products. Offering state of the art lift technology that will stand the test of time for many years. Serenity lifts maintain a high level of longevity through cold winters and the heat of summer climate. Serenity product’s are visually pleasing, comprised of coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, powder coating and plexi-glass.

Not Sure which product is right for you? ReliAble Living® has a long-standing reputation as a world-class accessibility provider. Specializing in through floor lifts, home elevators , wheelchair lifts , public access lifts and emergency evacuation chairs .

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The inner circuitry is available in both A/C and D/C power combined with a heavy duty electronic relay and a tooth belt pulley system, which provides for smooth and secure motion for the person utilizing the lift. Serenity products have standard built-in electronics to enable a safety gate, GAL Lock, Call Send and Remote.  All products meet or surpasses CSA, B613-00, ASME A18.1 and ADA requirements and are fully certified by a qualified mechanical and electrical engineer.